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Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Systems

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Choosing a Fuel Tank Cleaning System That’s Safe For All Fuels

FuelTec’s mobile tank cleaning & fuel polishing systems are used worldwide by Fuel Distributors, Environmental, and Tank Service Companies that require systems that are intrinsically safe for all fuels including gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends, Avgas, and jet fuel.

All of FuelTec’s systems polish fuel to a condition that exceeds engine manufacturers recommended ISO 18/16/13 cleanliness target with filtration to one micron and water removal to less than 100 parts per million.

A clear sight tube allows you to see water as it is being separated from the fuel, then drain the water without stopping the operation. All done with no loss of fuel!

Low-cost bag filters (less than $6.00 ea.) remove particulates, rust, fungi, and bacteria clusters down to one micron.

Fueltec also offers electric and automatic fuel polishing systems as well as 4 oz. & 8 oz. fuel samplers. • Fueltec Model CF75.0’s air diaphragm pump is rated at 75 GPM. These powerful systems feature five water separating coalescers, 2 in. x 25’ supply and return hoses, two stainless steel primary filter housings and water separator housing. A clear sight tube allows you to see water as it is being separated from the fuel. Water can be drained without stopping on all Fueltec fuel polishing systems.

• Fueltec Model 955SS system’s air diaphragm pump is rated at 35 GPM. Featuring stainless steel primary filter and water separator housings, micro-glass coalescers, and bag type filters to one micron. Hundreds of these systems are in use by fuel tank cleaning professionals at C-Stores, generator sites, and government agencies.

• Fueltec Model 950AW System was designed for cleaning fuel in above and underground fuel tanks. This versatile system is also being used for truck, heavy equipment, and boat tanks as well as high capacity fuel storage tanks up to 10,000 gallons. This system uses low cost pre-filters to remove particulates prior to water separation. The air diaphragm pump is rated 15 GPM.

• Fueltec 4 oz. & 8 oz. Fuel Samplers (Bacon Bombs) are available from the Fueltec Store online.

• Automatic Fuel Polishing is the operation of pulling fluid from a fuel storage tank bottom, through a primary filter to remove particulates with an electric pump, then pushing the fluid through a water separator where the water is trapped and the clean dry fuel is returned to the storage tank. This is done with a system that is permanently attached to the storage tank and operates on a pre determined schedule:

• Filtration Down to Two Microns

• Water Separation to 50 PPM

• Exceeds Engine Manufacture ISO Recommended Fuel Cleanliness Levels

• Low-Cost Filters

• Automatic operation with alarms for separated water, filter change, and water in sump

• Modbus, telescopic fuel pickups, tank flange, system heat, stainless steel enclosures, and modem options

• 100's of Fueltec Critical Power systems in use worldwide

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